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Despite the rising number of cases coming to light there have been very few convictions.One problem is that the age of sexual consent in the Philippines is 12, another is the mass of contradictions between laws.

In many cases the child is abused by someone outside the family but there have been cases of parents abusing their own children or children abusing each other.They declared the birth of a republic, wrote a constitution, and formed a government under the leadership of Emilio Aguinaldo. Civilian casualties have been estimated from 250,000-750,000. Though few were punished for their atrocities in the Philippines, the resulting war crimes case law would help lay down “significant legal signposts for the future prosecution of violation of the laws of war.” Schumacher thinks historical amnesia, a patriotic eagerness to see the best in “our boys,” and “beliefs in the nation’s exceptional moral superiority” account for the general forgetting of this dirty war.But by the terms of the Treaty of Paris, which ended the war, America took possession of the over 7,600 islands that make up the Philippines by paying Spain million for them. by anti-imperialists like Mark Twain and Democratic Party leader William Jennings Bryan, who were the most notable critics of the war and the way it was fought. Frank Schumacher details the debate over the use of torture by American forces in the Philippines. For the Philippines, however, which were released from US sovereignty in 1946, the war was foundational to the formation of their nation.There is also a legacy left over from the huge prostitution industry which grew up around the American military bases until they closed in the 1990s.Sylwander said this had led to a tolerance of prostitution and when the Americans departed the industry had to find other ways of operating.

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