Verifying and validating requirements

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To be eligible for the simplest form of PCI validation, SAQ A, only collect card information using Checkout, and Elements, or our mobile SDKs.You can also make use of a third-party integration, such as an invoicing service or online marketplace, to ensure that you’re processing charges in a secure manner.In this case, we’d suggest you reach out to a PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) to determine how best to validate your compliance according to the current guidance from the PCI Council.If your application is intended for your customers to enter their information on their own devices, then you qualify for SAQ A.

The PCI Security Standards Council has published a series of changes to eligibility requirements for SAQ A.Certain methods may require you to upload additional PCI documentation to us.If this is necessary, we’ll notify you in the Dashboard.These require that businesses use input fields hosted by a payments provider in order to be eligible for the simplest PCI validation method.We’ve designed both Checkout and Elements with these changes in mind so that you can continue to validate using SAQ A without losing much of the flexibility and customizability of a form hosted on your website.

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