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For example, I have files that track activity that has happened each quarter.

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If we have phone number and want the name then we need to write a match and index, Instead if you copy name and phone next to each other then for the phone number vlook up will return the name. Tips for Formula speeding up by Jason I work with files that use a lot of data tables.This is because even a couple of vlookup slows down the file massively on account of recalculating of values.Another step I take (this depends on the criticality of data and other factors) is to set the auto-save function in excel to an infrequent duration. Delete all name ranges, unused area, unnecessary formatting. A word of warning, though – people need to know if calculations aren’t automatic, or it can/will cause confusion. If the recipients of your data don’t need the flexibility to enter new data and update values with calculations, take formulae out of the equation (no pun intended) all together.I just hit F9 to recalculate when I want to see the results. Status Bar = Loop Numso I can see the status of my macro and estimate how long there is left to calculate.Don’t forget to switch these back at the end of the macro!

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