Speed dating happy life

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I had been to approximately 5 other events prior spread out over a couple years and always had more luck with speed dating than I had online.

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I should’ve asked but once I got there, everything happened so fast!

Christian and Leshelle married in 2007 (I think, lol) All of these years later, they are still happily married and have two beautiful children.

v=2rl-Cf Ctvpg&t=1s Hi , Just wanted to let you know that exactly a year after I met John (he was actually waitlisted) at your event we got engaged. I've been telling anyone who asked that they should definitely try weekend dating and that I thought the people at your event were nicer, more down to earth people than the people you meet at speed dating events in the city. I know you keep track of your "success stories" (engagements and weddings, happy couples, etc).

So, to change up how I usually write…I decided to take pictures that’ll walk you through my thought process.

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I did taking them. Every year…I’m usually hating life on valentine’s day.

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