Pornstar friday on reality dating show

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Though I will say that the first time we had sex was a terrible threesome at Neil Gaiman's bachelor party."Our wedding was on an organic farm on the coast of Northern California.

We use work as a way to act out our fantasies, but at home, we love being with just each other, and we don't let work mix with our personal lives." —Anikka Siouxsie Q James, 30, and Jesse James, 31.

Two months into us dating, I was in a bad accident — I was hospitalized for a while with a broken jaw and other injuries — and she never left my side.

I knew then that she was The One, and we've been together for five years now.

Here, four married couples who work in the porn industry share the stories of their love.

"We first met on a plane flying to San Francisco for work.

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