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By the time you complete this you should have both it and the catching waves trophy for completing 100 waves of ops.Time to Go Outside Promote a single character 5 times.In the Battleground you will need to start off by first going through the plants and zombie’s missions.You will gain most of the trophies for this game just from going through the missions and utilizing specific characters to get their specific trophies.Super Boss Waves are really luck based so you will have to keep playing Ops matches until you unlock this trophy.

Walkthrough: Step 1: Backyard Battleground Backyard Battleground is essentially the single player aspect of the game.You will get a total of 15 quests every 2 days so if you complete them all, then it should take you 4 days to max out your XP multiplier.Note: Your XP multiplier will decrease by 0.25 for every two days of not completing quests from the quest board.You should be able to get 500 kills a go, depending on skill level using this method. After the boss wave it's just endless amounts of enemies that come at you.You should be able to get 500 kills a go, depending on skill level using this method.

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