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Actions have consequences and I think that this is certainly something that can't go unnoticed," said Roy, who heads the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa. I think that it's very shameful to see that there are student leaders who are perpetuating that within their own circles." The incident was first reported in the Fulcrum, the university's English language student newspaper.Roy said she was sent screenshots of the Facebook conversation on Feb."There needs to be a lot more conversation around those kinds of behaviour and comments that are made demeaning towards women." The footprint that such comments can leave on the Internet should also make individuals think twice before sending demeaning or hurtful messages, she said."Whereas 20 years ago those guys might have been out sitting around having a beer and talking in that way, it is quite different when you're putting in print, because it's there as a record." Roy's experience comes about four months after outraged complaints surfaced over student chants at universities in Halifax and British Columbia.On Sunday, Larochelle sent a letter to CBC News indicating he'd resigned from his position as vice president, social commissioner for the Criminology Student Association.He also provided The Canadian Press with a copy of a letter he sent to the author of a blog which has discussed the matter openly."Someone punish her with their shaft," wrote one of the individuals at one point.

If you’ve been dating via apps, you’ve almost certainly been swiping hard on Tinder. Happn matches appear in your timeline as you pass them in real life—link up the minute you match or later."I would never say that kind of thing out in the public but when it was a private conversation I guess it slipped my mind that that's really not acceptable." Another member of the five, who did not want to be named, said the conversation was private and obtained illegally.He said the participants didn't believe they promoted rape culture, but "didn't stop it," and now wanted to "promote the end of rape culture together." Meanwhile, a lawyer for Larochelle said his client was to meet with Roy on the weekend to defuse the situation.The letter — which identifies the four participants as Michel Fournier-Simard, Alexandre Giroux, Alexandre Larochelle and Robert-Marc Tremblay — threatened legal action against Roy if she did not "destroy" her copy of the online conversation and stop sharing it with others.The letter also alleged that Roy, through an intermediary, had initially considered not sharing the conversation if the four participants would promise not to run for student leadership positions in the future.

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