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BTW one of the Xmas shows I watched featured Blair's pregnant mom--no husband was with her, just a vague mention of an ex. Mindy Cohn always laughed at her own lines which weren't even funny. And that didn't work when the other girls became fatter than the fat kid.

Obviously a turkey baster baby to be raised in an accepting matriarchal non-judgmental lesbian environment. The lez dyke was Pam Segal related to MWC Katey Segal and the Double Trouble Twins, Beth and Jean Segal and her father was Steven Segal and her grandfather was George Segal When "Square Pegs" premiered, the writers and producers took a lot of price that they weren't FOL, a fellow Embassy production.

Season 7 is good too but the show changes a lot, and it had became a dopey '80's sitcom instead of the Norman Lear produced issue oriented shoe it was intended to be.

As for the last 2 Cloris Leachman seasons, well I kinda hated them. Before she was on the FOL, she played Mrs Butterworth and Eliza Doolittle and was Fred Sanford's grandkid on ABC.

I mean the show actually felt like a sitcom during the last 3 years.

Mindy Cohn, as Natalie, was much better with the dramatic scenes, and she was actually pretty good at comedy (despite her obvious smirk in the earlier seasons).I watched a few FOL episodes recently and couldn't believe how thinly veiled its lesbian overtones were.They start out in a boarding school but go on to establish what's basically a commune.She never said anything bad about the show or Blair, but now that she can tell it, we might be treated to some truth.R1 the baby dyke was introduced in season 5 (the firsr Edna's Edibles season) and was played by Pamela Seagull (WHET), but I don't remember her characters name and I know she had a lesbionic crush on Jo.

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