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The Strategic Plan Work team is made up of city, school, and community partners.

It strives to re-engage youth, develop alternative recreational activities, educate and facilitate parent involvement and to reinforce mentoring opportunities.

Utility billing for residents and businesses within the City of Tracy is managed by our Finance and Administrative Services Department. As part of the Public Works and Finance Departments, we are committed to providing dependable, consistent, quality services to our customers delivered in a professional and equitable manner.

Find out more about these Services: Keeping you safe and protect the community, the Tracy Police and Fire Departments and First Responders from City, County, State and Federal offices are on call 24 hours to answer, assess and react to any manmade or natural event or disaster.

Tracy is a great place to visit, and it’s an even greater place to live!

Check out the many aspects of our community that make us special, and our reasons why we are proud to live here.

Combining historic charm with contemporary interest Tracy offers quaint village-style shopping and dining that caters to every taste.

Choose from boutique clothing stores, fine antique shops, unique gift stores, cafes and restaurants—we have just about everything you're looking for and more!

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Their collective goal is to remain proactive and responsive to the needs of residents while enforcing City ordinances, reducing vandalism and deterring crime.

We also have beautiful parks, plenty of open spaces, low crime rates, excellent schools and affordable housing. Tracy is bursting with a vibrant arts and entertainment scene.

We host numerous festivals and community events throughout the year, as well as live theater, art shows and music concerts.

The Lolly Hansen Senior Center offers a wide variety of classes, activities, special events and services to anyone 50 .

Our focus is on Health and Wellness Programs, instilling Healthy Habits and Enhanced Lifestyle Opportunities.

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