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So I am explaining Yajurveda mantra 40/1: (YAT) Whatever (IDAM) here in the universe (SARVAM) all (JAGATYAM JAGAT) non-alive and alive world are there.Meaning: That is, whatever is being seen in this universe i.e., right from Prakriti to earth consisting of non-alive and alive world [non-alive means earth, moon, sun, air etc., i.e., made of five matters and the alive souls having bodies of living beings].

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Swami Ramswarup: Translation of the mantra is as under: The first mantra of Eeshopnishad is same as is of first mantra of 40th chapter of Yajurveda.Tirupati is the destination to head for, if you seek to purify your soul and forge a connection with God himself.Besides the Venkateswara Swamy Temple there are plenty of other temples that form the local attractions of the region.To search more STD codes using fuzzy logic, you can use the STD Code Search tool.Hello friends, basically I am from Dubai United Arab Emirates.

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