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About one third of cases occur in kids younger than six years of age, about one third in children ages six to twelve, and one third in children ages twelve to eighteen.Sexual abuse includes any activity with a child for the sexual gratification of an adult or significantly older child (more than about 4 years older).Note that a physical examination cannot in and of itself confirm or rule out sexual abuse.In at least half of the cases of child abuse that are confessed by the abuser, there are no findings on physical exam.It is the abuse of this power, and the abuse of children’s trust, that is so damaging.Sexual abuse falls into three different categories: Most abuse begins with innocent physical contact. Once a routine is developed, it is not uncommon to progress to intercourse.(The two hospitals that offer this service in your area are Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose and the Keller Center at San Mateo Medical Center.) A sexual abuse examination is comprised of two basic elements.

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Begin by teaching them the proper names and significance of their private parts as soon as they are able to understand (about age 3).

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Children who have actually been abused will often recant their initial statement because they are afraid of their abuser or because their abuser convinces them that this is “their little secret.” And, children who have never been sexually abused will, based on normal child development, go through phases of curiosity and misunderstandings about their genitals and about sexual activity.

Several clues are associated with sexual abuse as opposed to normal development (but many children give no clues except what they say): Hopefully, nothing significant happened to your little girl, but if my daughter came to me with the same story I would not let the situation go uninvestigated.

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